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drums start to beat, and then they dance and
re-enact the fight as it actually happened—select-
ing others to be their victims.

Naturally, we youngsters looked upon this with
great favour; for with us in that massive camp we
had some of the most noted Indian warriors who
ever graced the American plains. Most famous
among them was Chief Carry-the-Kettle, head-
chief of the Assiniboines, who was then an old
man but who lived to pass the century mark and
died only in 1923 on the Assiniboine Reserve at
Sintaluta, Saskatchewan, at the age of 107.

We also had with us the famous Assiniboine
scout, Runs-with-Another, who was General Nel-
son A. Miles's personal scout in the Nez Perce
War against Chief Joseph, and who was later
decorated for his valour by President Grant.
Then there was Chief Atsistamokon, famous
Blackfoot chief and medicine-man, who had the
most unusual fighting career of any Indian within
historic times.

But the most unique character at this historic
assemblage was Mrs. Good Elks a famous Assini-
boine beauty who had been stabbed seven times
by the Blackfeet in the Blackfoot massacre, cone
camp" north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a few
years before. Here she was for the first time fac-
ing some of the warriors who killed her entire
family and who stabbed her and left her for dead